I have heard a lot of people talking more and more about it but, there are still people who do not understand it yet. So today, let me introduce you to this topic. In fact, it i a mixture of business & leisure. Trends has turned into a phenomenon with 1 out of 9 trips in Europe being made for some sort of professional reason (EuroStat). What is the meaning of « Bleisure »?

Why is Bleisure growing?

The goal is simple it allows people to cut back on their expenses as holidays are becoming expensive due to rising travel and hotels prices. According to a GBTA study, there is growth in airfare and hotel prices. The average increase in airfare is around 6.3% between eastern and western europe. The price of a hotel rooms in Eastern and Western Europe will increase at least 6.4% on average. As a result, business travellers are taking advantage of the opportunity presented, of course the extra costs come out of the employee’s pocket, but saves the cost of a plane ticket.

In addition, especially in North American countries (where the bleisure trend began) taking vacations has become more and more difficult. Therefore, people prolong their professional travel, enjoy and have a little holiday on the side, it will also allow them to avoid « Burnout » in the future. But this trend began with millennials. For years, there has been a shift in work priorities due to millennials who are more concerned with a balance between work and happiness than monetary incentives. They care more about the experience.

With these trends bleisure is really a phenomenon that is here to stay and that change the way one travels! We are curious to see what means the future of the travel industry.

Apps that let you experience bleisure to its fullest.

You are on the other side of the world, the business part of your travel is over, but you still have time to spear, what do you do? Here are some site that can help you make the most of your travel:

Airbnb Experiences

We all know and widely use airbnb, but in November 2016 Airbnb launched Airbnb Experiences an amazing platform where you can book tours and other activities hosted by locals, while on vacation or if you are in search to discover something new! You have it all from Kendo classes to learning how to sail. A true way to truly take in a destination!


This is for all the foodies out on business. Instead of ordering in why not try experiencing the food and the social atmosphere. Certain places and cultures have different dynamics when it comes to food. For example here in France there are certain etiquette for drinking wine, and the japanese have their own customs when dinning. With vizeats immerse yourself in the local food culture!


The chauffeur service to have, with complimentary wait time of up to 60 minutes for airport pickups and 15 minutes for other pick ups you can take your time and not have to worry about the taxi fare going up or the taxi leaving! It is a global professional driver service. Allowing you to get to your appointments on time and giving you the time to leave them and not have the driver cancel on you.

Cool cousin

On a business trip but want to take some time out and visit what the city has to provide. Check out Cool Cousin, you can connect with locals who share your interests and get a map of their favourite city spots and some personalised advice on how to spend your time in the city. Get recommendations from trusted locals and set out to discover.


Stay safe while traveling, with the current state of the world safety while abroad is something that goes through every traveler’s head. Ensure where you are is safe and be updated on the situation around you, with crowd sourced information.

Here are some really useful apps that can enhance your travel experience, try them out we would love to hear about how they enhanced your experience when traveling!